Sunday, May 24, 2009

11 Reasons to Love High School Sailing

It seems Tillerman’s list writing project has taken over this blog, so here is another one. I passed along the writing project challenge to my team of high school sailors. They were given the title (with number blank), and this is a “best of” their responses. Photos are my contribution.
  1. High school team race sailing is a constant challenge and the most unpredictable sport in the world. Only in HS can a 1 2 3 start keep the coach on edge in fear of a miscue.

  2. You can never really get the smell of victory out of your gear.

  3. You have to use your brain. Strategy is arguably more important than physique and you can have real life experience as a “lawyer” in the protest room.

  4. Only place where the approaching starboard boat tacks out of your way, and mark trapping the entire fleet in a fleet race doesn't get you thrown out

  5. Away events aren’t in the town next door, but on a lake, river, or ocean where the scenery is always beautiful.

  6. You get to sail in the first event of the celebration for Volvo Ocean Race coming to Boston.

  7. Meet so many interesting people who I would most likely not had the oppertunity to meet if it wasn't for High School sailing. (and spelling and grammar don’t count in sailing – coach's comment).

  8. Bad jokes linking boat parts to body parts never seem to get old

  9. When the wind's heavy, it feels like you're flying on water. When the wind's nonexistent, the team makes up games like Poag Ball.

  10. Bus rides.

  11. The sailing team becomes your other life. Or just your life.

In the process of compiling this, one of my sailors showed me another great high school sailing list, You might be a high school sailor if…

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  1. Good to know there are still kids who'd rather buy a boat than a car - I did that 30 year ago with my first Laser!